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Metabolic Lab is a multifunctional space for organizational meetings, such as strategy sessions, brainstorms and retreats.

Surrounded by the creative environment of De Ceuvel, Metabolic Lab serves as a unique backdrop for an unforgettable event. We facilitate a range of organiSations and events in our inspiring venue.

The main event space within Metabolic Lab can host a maximum of 20 people for a meeting or workshop style event, such a brainstorm, strategy session, or partner meeting. We can host a maximum of 45 people for a lecture style event, such a reading, documentary night, or debate. If you require more space, let us know! Other boats and spaces on De Ceuvel can be arranged upon request.


  • Wi-Fi
  • Beamer and projection screen
  • Private bathroom
  • Private kitchenette
  • Flip-over and whiteboard
  • Optional: an additional break-out space for max 5 people

We offer sustainable and delicious catering from Cafe de Ceuvel.


Half-day (4 hours):  €300,- every additional hour  €75,- (excl. BTW)
Full-day (8 hours):  €550,- (excl. BTW)
Very-full-day (12 hours): €800,- (excl. BTW)
We provide a 25% discount for not-for-profit organisations.



Tours can booked stand-alone or to complement a space rental. On an official tour of De Ceuvel we take you through its history, construction, sustainability technologies, research, plants, ambitions and its legendary houseboats-on-land! You will learn (and see!) about processes such as composting, water filtration and nutrient recovery. No tour is complete without a peek in our newly launched greenhouse that closes yet another nutrient cycle. 

Tours are €250,- (excl. BTW) for a maximum of 20 people per tour. Larger groups can be accommodated upon request. 
We provide a €100,- discount for not-for-profit organisations.
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Metabolic Lab hosts regular educational programs on a variety of applied sustainability topics.

Metabolic Lab offers regular educational programs on applied sustainability and circular cities. These range from simple workshops to multi-day courses.

Workshops and courses

We work with a range of trusted external trainers and educators to provide informative and empowering learning experiences. These range from practical skills such as building aquaponics systems through to more strategic sessions on sustainable ecosystems.

To view a list of our upcoming workshops and courses, check the events listings on the De Ceuvel website.  


We have developed a set of masterclasses on some of the core drivers of the sustainable economy, allowing anyone to quickly develop a deep understanding of the principles and how to apply them. From cities and food to economies and communications, these classes give in depth and actionable knowledge.

For more information on our masterclasses, take a look at our brochure


Beyond the publicly accessible programs, we also offer bespoke programs geared towards specific organisations or initiatives. Some of our clients include ABN-AMROAmsterdam Institute of Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS)Amsterdam University of Applied SciencesUNESCO-IHEEngineers without Borders, PWNMinistry of Infrastructure and the Environment, Netherlands Enterprise AgencyYouth Food Movement, and Climate-KIC.

Experienced trainers

Our masterclasses and tailor-made programs are delivered by our knowledgeable and experienced sustainability consultants and executive team.

Want to know more? Drop us a line at

De Ceuvel shows what’s possible when you match ambitious sustainability goals with bottom-up urban development. We designed Metabolic Lab to be a unique facility where people can learn about clean technologies and circular economics by engaging with these things directly.
— Eva Gladek, Metabolic Founder and CEO
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Metabolic Lab works with you to facilitate your own inspiring events and workshops.

Metabolic Lab welcomes driven individuals and organisations who provide educational programs aligned with the mission and themes put forward by De Ceuvel.

Does your organisation provide workshops and need an inspiring location? Do you have a great programming idea?

Interested? Drop us a linE at

When we collaborate with outside parties, we use the following categories to keep things simple:

  • Hosting an affordable workshop for the general public? You can use Metabolic Lab and offer a donation depending on your budget and the success of the workshop.
  • Hosting a more commercial workshop? Get in touch with us about renting the space. For workshops that happen in a series or repetitively, we can offer a discount.


Situated at the heart of De Ceuvel, a Cleantech Playground, Metabolic Lab is Metabolic's living laboratory and education facility for exploring the future of circular cities in Amsterdam North.

The facility showcases how clean technology, food production and nutrient recovery systems can be integrated into urban environments. At Metabolic Lab, people of all ages and backgrounds, from children to scientists, can learn about applied sustainability and how they can make an impact in their own communities and organizations.


Metabolic Lab began as a dream for a new kind of office. Eva Gladek, Metabolic’s founder and chief executive, believed in a more holistic way of working where people would move beyond the computer and the meeting room to tend to farming, maintaining technological systems, and improving the built environment.

Metabolic Lab has evolved into a platform where people can learn about both De Ceuvel, the transformation of the surrounding Buiksloterham neighborhood, and other sustainability approaches that will be part of urban transitions around the world. At Metabolic Lab, people can join expert workshops, host creative events, and learn how to make things like DIY systems for energy and food production.


In APRIL 2016, MeTabolic in collaboration with CAfé DE CEUVEL and NOMAD FARMERS launched DE CEUVEL Greenhouse, which houses a fully functioning aquaponic system. 

Sitting on top of Metabolic Labthe greenhouse grows food for the neighbouring Café de Ceuvel. The greenhouse houses a customized DIY aquaponic system and utilizes organic waste flows generated on-site. For example, urine is separated and collected from Café de Ceuvel and Metabolic Lab, from which phosphate fertilizer is recovered by using a struvite reactor. The site also collects organic waste from Metabolic Lab and the café in a vermicomposting unit to produce compost and fish food.

The greenhouse is currently under renovation.






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